Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do these courses offer that others don't ?

The courses are aimed at students who want to learn with passion and improve their physical/mathematical intuition of the subjects offered. All courses' material was prepared by the instructor, without "copy-pasting" material from books or other courses. It is not easy to find this material online.

2) Can I ask the instructor questions ? 

Of course. That is the real point of these courses, that is to create a community with students who are interested in these subjects. The questions can be answered with comments but -if necessary- also by means of video-explanations.

3) Will the material be updated ? 

Yes, very frequently. Besides, once a student is enrolled, if the course is updated no additional charge will be required.

4) Are the courses shared on this website also on Udemy ? 

Most of them, yes. However, the courses here are edited more often and I have more time to follow students and answer their questions here.