About Emanuele Pesaresi

Emanuele Pesaresi obtained his PhD in "Mechanics and Advanced Engineering Sciences" in 2021, after gaining a BSc and an MSc in Mechanical engineering in 2015 and 2017 respectively, cum laude at the University of Bologna.

Since 2018, he has been a tutor at the Bologna University BSc Mechanics of Machines course. In particular, he assists students with exam preparation, as well as the tenured professor in proctoring exams.

His passion for mathematics, physics, engineering, and teaching has motivated him to lecture high school and university students, and to create multiple online courses for students worldwide, on subjects which are related to physics, mathematics and engineering.

His approach as a teacher has always been dedicated to showing the importance of logical reasoning to students, stressing the fact that memory is less important for an engineer, mathematician, or physicist, than learning how to tackle a problem through logical reasoning.  

Emanuele believes that a teacher of scientific subjects should try to develop his students’ curiosity about the subject, rather than just concentrating on acquisition of knowledge, however important that may also be. Students should be encouraged to dig deeper and build on their knowledge by continually questioning it, rather than accepting everything at face value without a thorough understanding.

 Here is a presentation about my passions, which prompted me to start teaching online: